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Table top solutions for offices and shops

Our Table Top coffee machines are designed specifically for offices and shops. These machines are perfect for small businesses, providing your customers with the convenience and quality they expect from a high-end coffee shop.

Our tabletop coffee machines are designed to deliver a range of coffee options, including espresso, and cappuccino and also fresh milk solutions. They feature state-of-the-art brewing technology, ensuring that every cup is fresh, hot, and delicious. Plus, our machines are designed to be easy to use, with intuitive controls and simple programming options.

One of the key advantages of our tabletop coffee machines is their compact size. They take up minimal space in your locations, making them ideal for small businesses where space is at a premium. Despite their small size, however, our machines are capable of delivering a high volume of coffee quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your customers always have access to the coffee they need to stay satisfied and coming back for more.

In addition to their quality and convenience, our tabletop coffee machines are also highly customizable. We offer a range of models and configurations to suit your specific needs, from simple machines with basic features to advanced models with built-in grinders, milk frothers, and more. We also offer a range of customizable branding options, allowing you to promote your shop’s brand and image with every cup of coffee.

At our company, we are committed to providing the highest quality coffee machines and services to our shop clients. Whether you’re looking to improve customer satisfaction, boost sales, or simply provide a high-quality coffee experience, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about our tabletop coffee machines for shops, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.

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This machine is mainly suited to be used in these environments:

Necta Krea Touch

Krea Touch is the new elegant model which enriches the Necta Horeca Family. Appealing design, decorative light, chrome frames, shiny black surfaces, unrivalled performance make Krea Touch the ideal solution for your coffee break. The wide touch screen and the user friendly interface allow a number of selections, flexible and customized recipes management, roasters branding, selling activities and video management.

Technical Innovations
Patented Z4000 coffee brewer, compact espresso boiler with 600 cc capacity for high throughput and modular canisters for instant products.

Top quality drinks and optimized delivery times.

Design and User Interface
An elegant model with 7” HD Touch screen, decorative light, chrome frames and shiny black surfaces.
New wider cup room, easy to clean and stainless steel delivery area with metal cup support.

New electronic platform for an easy management of touch screen and machine programming
Configuration of the machine set-up through GIGA management software and color coding of the main internal components for easy maintenance.

Version Espresso
User interface Capacitive 7” touch screen
Number selection Up to 10 selection per screenshot
Number canisters 4
Coffee brewer Espresso Z4000
Height 750 mm (with beans hoppers)
Width 410 mm
Depth 574 mm
Depth open 855 mm
Weight 41 kg
Voltage 220/240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Fresh milk No
Display Graphic display
Steam wand No
Lateral hotwater No
Automatic cappuccinatore No
Beans capacity 1.2 kg
Soluble canister 0.7 kg milk + 1.5 kg chocolate
Hourly output Up to 90 espresso
Height delivery area 140 mm
Absorbed power 1950 W

ideal for

This machine is mainly suited to be used in these environments:

Necta Kalea Plus

Just a touch, and anybody can get a high quality drink with Kalea Plus. Kalea Plus uses cutting edge technology together with the heritage of Italian espresso, taste and culture. The outstanding throughput and speed will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Kalea Plus enables the creation of a personal customized coffee menu: a unique pleasure with enraptures, sip after sip.

A state-of-the-art technology
Hydraulic circuit in pressure, with a rotative pump and a new volumetric counter, and patented Z4000 coffee brewer.

Customize your quality drinks
Enhance the consumer experience with the appealing user interface and an entirely customizable 7″ touch screen. Embedded WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity.

  • Kalea Plus Double Espresso Milk
  • Kalea Plus Espresso
  • Kalea Plus Espresso Fresh Milk

ideal for

This machine is mainly suited to be used in these environments:

Saeco Magic

With Magic, Saeco introduces a new and innovative family of machines that offers advanced performance, combined with modern features and a high level of design.

Magic represents the latest evolution of coffee machines from Saeco Professional.
But it is also a machine that marks a clear break with the past.
It has new shapes, completely redesigned, and performance at the top of its category in terms of quality and variety of beverages.
The coffee break becomes from a daily gesture “a way of life” to be lived with style and taste, a moment of true relaxation to pamper yourself while savouring your favourite drink.

Magic is the ideal tool for every working environment, adaptable from the office to the bed&breakfast, from the congress center to the boutique hotel, and an unfailing presence in companies.
Modern design and cutting-edge technology at the service of taste: a synthesis of the best Saeco quality.

The heart of Magic is a professional variable chamber unit able to hold from 8.5 to 15 g of coffee. The amount of coffee dosed can be adjusted automatically via the menu. The unit has steel conical burrs, which can also be adjusted to obtain your favourite grind setting.
Magic features a new milk frothing system where the milk frother is built into the coffee dispenser. Extremely silent, it emulsifies creamy froth but can also prepare beverages with simple hot milk.

Sophisticated details make Magic a desirable ‘must have’ for any high-level office. It is a machine that, for those who love coffee as much as we do, can give you pleasant moments of well-being. A machine that, when not working, becomes a furnishing accessory to be exhibited, which enriches, with a modern and innovative design, any working space.

  • Magic M2 – M2+
  • Magic M1
  • Magic B2 – B2+
  • Magic B1

ideal for

This machine is mainly suited to be used in these environments:

Saeco Royal

A timeless icon. This is Royal. And now it’s back with cutting-edge technology and high-level design. Royal is a great Saeco classic in the OCS segment, appreciated worldwide, but with a new, strong identity.

– A bold design. A stylish image. Professional and functional components.
– A capacitive interface with photo-realistic images and an iconographic display make choosing beverages easier and provide the machine with a futuristic style.
– High performances and high-tech look. Royal is all this and more.
– And it suits every workplace perfectly, from the most elegant to the most informal.

  • Royal OTC
  • Royal Plus
  • Royal BLACK

ideal for

This machine is mainly suited to be used in these environments:

WMF 1500 S+

Unprecedented coffee versatility, with guaranteed high quality. Blending reliable performance with intuitive operation, the WMF 1500 S+ packs an eclectic array of advanced features into its slim dimensions. What’s more, it can be tailored to meet your needs and satisfy your customers’ preferences.
The WMF 1500 S+ is the versatile solution for providing premium coffee specialities. It combines the high quality and long-term reliability you expect from WMF with the flexibility you desire and the variety your customers appreciate.

Flexible bean hoppers configuration
For maximum variety, the up to three hoppers of the WMF 1500 S+ offer you a choice of up to 2 types of coffee beans, chocolate powder or twin toppings.

Up to 2 coffee grinders
To offer your customers a wide choice of premium coffee specialities, up to two different grinders can be used to create a range of recipes. Robust, quick and quiet, these long-lasting, high performance grinders are electronically controlled and finely adjusted.

10” colour touch display
The WMF 1500 S+ immediately invites interaction with its attractive 10” colour touch display, featuring realistic product depictions and individual colour worlds. Navigation is intuitive, using familiar touch and swipe menus, with both served and self-service modes available. Perfect for presenting nutritional information, the display can also be used to show videos, for example to promote special offers at certain times of day.

Automatically height-adjustable spout
The spout on the WMF 1500 S+ automatically adjusts to the optimal height for each beverage selected, depending on the preset value for each recipe. So beverage temperature remains perfect, and unsightly splashes of milk on the housing are a thing of the past. This feature is optional and only available if Dynamic Milk system is installed.

Other features:
– Dynamic Coffee Assist
– Dynamic Milk Assist
– WMF AutoClean
– Fresh Filtered Coffee
– WMF CoffeeConnect as a standard
– Available milk and steam systems (WMF Milk and Steam systems, Dynamic Milk System).

Recommended daily / max. hourly output*Up to 180 cups
Nominal output / Power supply2.75 – 3.25 kW / 220 – 240 V
Coffee bean hopperRight and left approx. 1100 g, centered approx. 550 g
Choc or topping hopper (optional)Approx. 1500 g
External dimensions (width / height** / depth)325 / 706 / 590 mm
Empty weight (depending on con guration)Approx. 37 kg
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)***< 70 dB(A)
Water supplyWater tank (approx. 4.5 l) or fixed water supply

* Performance was recorded using a machine with xed water supply and is dependent on cup size, quality settings, spout, model and nominal power rating. The basis for the recommended max. daily capacity is the respective selected service concept. These average values are provided as a guide. Let our trained WMF personnel put together a customised coffee machine solution for you.
** Height with bean hopper with lock, no lock.
*** The A-weighted sound pressure level LpA (slow) and LpA (impulse) in the operating personnel ́s workplace is always under 70 dB(A) in every mode of operation.
From 5° dKH (carbonate hardness), a WMF water filter must be fitted.

ideal for

This machine is mainly suited to be used in these environments:

Rhea Cino BL grande

Hybrid technology with the Xtra canister for personalized products like Fairtrade Instant or lactose-free powdered milk. This machine is available in 2 different versions: The espresso version has the boiler heating system. The espresso version of the machine allows you to have both options: ground coffee beans and powdered products. The instant version has the boiler heating system. With the instant version of the machine you can dispense your chosen powdered products for your recipes.

Width422 mm
Height591 mm
Depth585 mm
Touch panel 3.5” color display
12 directselections
Variflex45 or 36
Boiler capacity400 ml
Up to5 canister
No. of mixing bowls2
ConfigurationsE5 R2 / E4 R2 / E3 A1
Electrical supply230-50/60 V-Hz
Power1600 W
No. coffee grinders1
Water supplyplumbed/umplumbed
Front panel colorblack
Front side panels colorwhite or black
Cup station colorblack
Direct hot waterdepending on configuration

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