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We satisfy your catering needs with a fast, reliable and widespread service thanks to our numerous offices throughout the country.

We offer a wide range of products and personalized assistance to ensure maximum comfort for your employees, customers and guests.

The right Solution for you

Take advantage of our know-how and experience gained in the sector to discover the perfect vending solution for you.

From the "Table Top" service which offers practicality and versatility, to the classic "Vending" which offers a vast selection of drinks and snacks. And if you want to create a complete café atmosphere, our "Coffee Corner" solution is for you.

Choose according to your needs. Explore our website to find out more and find the vending solution that best suits your needs.

Hot Beverage Vending Equipment

Our hot beverage vending machines offer a variety of drinks. Our machines are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that drinks are always cold and hot beverages are always fresh.

Snack & Cold Beverage Vending Equipment

Our snack vending machines are stocked with a wide range of delicious and healthy snacks, including chips, nuts, cold drinks, fresh sandwiches and more. Our machines also include options for those with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free and vegan snacks.

Table Top

Our Table Top coffee machines are designed specifically for offices and shops.
These machines are perfect for small businesses, providing your customers with the convenience and quality they expect from an upscale coffee shop.

Coffee Corner

We are committed to providing the highest quality coffee corner solutions and services to our clients. We understand that every business or event is unique, and we work hard to ensure that our solutions are tailored to your specific needs. We also offer a range of maintenance and support services to ensure that your coffee corner is always up and running when you need it.

Lavazza Firma

Our company is proud to offer the Lavazza Firma coffee system, designed to meet the needs of businesses that demand the highest quality coffee for their employees and customers.

Personalized solutions

Explore our customized solutions for vending. Coffee, snacks, cold drinks and more.

Offer your employees, customers and guests a complete and high-quality restaurant experience.

Selected quality

Choose from a variety of fine coffees from around the world, each with their own unique and irresistible flavor profile.

Create your personal coffee break with the flavor you love the most.


Nova Prompt srl was founded 20 years ago and started with a few vending machines in a small area. Over time, it expanded its offerings and established relationships with suppliers to provide a wider range of products to customers. We also introduced new technologies such as cashless payment systems and real-time inventory tracking to improve the vending experience.

In order to support and to develop the success story of this 20-year-old vending company market leader, in 2019, Orasesta spa, one of the leaders of the vending market in Italy, entered into the shareholding of Nova Prompt srl.

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